Vie-Del was founded in 1946 by Fred Vieth and Jim Riddell. At that time we were in the specialty wine and brandy business. Shortly after they had started the business, Fred took ill and passed away unexpectedly, leaving Jim now as the sole owner. Mike Nury came to work at Vie-Del in 1953 as a research chemist after graduating from U.C. Davis with his Master’s Degree. In 1957, J.E. Seagram’s and Sons, the Canadian Liquor Company, purchased majority interest in Vie-Del. Mike worked his way up the ladder and also developed the concentrate end of the business. Then, in 1963, Mike purchased a minority interest in the company. In 1973, Jim passed away after a long illness and subsequently Seagram’s and Mike were the only shareholders. In 1985, Dianne Nury came to work for Vie-Del as a sales representative. Dianne has a B.S. Degree in Business and had previously worked with J.E. Seagram’s and Sons in their Executive Training Program. In 1990, Seagram’s decided to sell their interest in Vie-Del. At that time the Nury Family

decided to purchase all of Seagram’s shares. In 1990, Mike Nury retired from Vie-Del and became Chairman of the Board and Dianne Nury was appointed President.

Since that time the ownership has shifted to a majority owned women (minority) business; however, has stayed within the Nury family. The majority of our business is comprised of grape juice concentrate, brandy/high proof, and wine. However, we do work in a number of different other areas, such as dealcoholized wines, grape puree concentrate, not from concentrate single strength juice, and a number of other fruit products such as raisin juice concentrate, fig juice concentrate, prune juice concentrate, plum juice concentrate, peach juice concentrate, etc…



The reasons for Vie-Del’s continued success are that all our products are sold in bulk, we have no labeled products. We do not compete with our customers on the shelf or out in the field. Our business is hands on. What is meant by this is that quick decisions can be made, whether it is on the buying end, selling end, or the production end. Our company has an excellent reputation, both within the community, as well as within the industry.

We sell or have sold to almost every major and minor user in the beverage industry, as well as many other industries. We continue to lead the industry in many of our endeavors, meeting increasing customer demand and keeping our customers satisfied.


11903 S. Chestnut Avenue
Fresno, CA 93725
(559) 834-2525


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Vie-Del Company