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Vie-Del was founded in 1946 by Fred Vieth and Jim Riddell as a specialty wine and brandy business.  Shortly after they had started the business, Fred became ill and passed away unexpectedly, leaving Jim as the sole owner. In 1953, Mike Nury came to work at Vie-Del as a research chemist after graduating from U.C. Davis with his Master’s Degree. In 1957, J.E. Seagram’s and Sons, the Canadian Liquor Company, purchased a majority interest in Vie-Del. Mike quickly worked his way up the ladder at Vie-Del as he established the concentrate end of our business. In 1963, Mike purchased a minority interest in Vie-Del. In 1973, when Jim passed away after a long illness, Seagram’s and Mike were left as the only shareholders.

In 1985, Dianne S. Nury came to work for our company as a sales representative. Dianne has a B.S. Degree in Business from California State University, Fresno and had previously worked with J.E.


Seagram’s and Sons in their Executive Training Program. In 1990, Seagram’s sold its interest in Vie-Del to the Nury family. That same year, Mike Nury retired from Vie-Del and became Chairman of the Board, and Dianne S. Nury was appointed President. Since then, Dianne has led our company to substantial growth and expanded service lines as a majority supplier to the industry – and the title of largest woman-owned bulk winery, distiller, and fruit juice processor in the United States.


Today, the majority of our business is comprised of bulk grape juice concentrate, brandy, high proof spirits and wine. Additionally, with the acquisition of the Canandaigua Concentrate MegaNatural High-Color Concentrates (HCC), Mega Purple and Mega Red, and standard grape concentrates, our company has now emerged as the leading supplier of HCC and standard grape concentrates in North America. This is complemented by our other product lines that include wine, brandy, grape and fruit spirits, purée and custom fruit concentrates, natural wine flavors and wine reductions.



All of our company’s products are sold in bulk; there are no labeled products, which reduces any competitive concerns among our customers on the shelf or out in the field. Our company operates with a personalized “hands on” business approach where decisions are made quickly and authoritatively by top management involved in buying, selling and production. Vie-Del actively collaborates with our customers to meet their needs and specifications.


In the community and within the industry, our company has garnered an excellent reputation, continuing to lead the industry in many of our endeavors. Ensuring rigorous quality standards, meeting high volume customer demand and earning ongoing customer satisfaction are pinnacles of Vie-Del’s success.

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