We Start Out With Pure, Natural Fruit…What We End Up With Is Purely Up To You

Each year, we start where we began, in the heart of the nation’s fruit basket:  California’s lush San Joaquin Valley. From grapes to figs, raisins to citrus, the Valley produces fruits that are rivaled in their variety only by their abundance. At Vie-Del, we select only the very best, the purest and most flavorful of these varied fruits.


What we end up with, though, is purely up to our many customers and their diverse needs. Wine flavors. Purées and concentrates made from grapes and other fruits, for use in everything from juices to jams and jellies. Bulk wines for blending. Brandies for bottling. For nearly half a century, we’ve taken the essence of the San Joaquin Valley’s purest fruits, and matched it with the imagination of our customers throughout California, the U.S.A. and the world. So, if you’ve got an idea that starts with fruits, start by talking to us.



The demand for natural food and beverage products has been on the increase for a number of years now. What was once thought trendy has proven to be no passing fad. Buying patterns continue to indicate that consumers prefer products with natural ingredients, color, and flavor.


In an attempt to satisfy this need, fruit concentrates are now being used in practically every food processing application. In particular, buyers from the world’s largest food manufacturers are discovering the versatility of natural grape juice from the San Joaquin Valley. Pure, bursting, with flavor and natural sugars, these juices make excellent concentrates.


Vie-Del blazed many technological trails to produce superior grape concentrates with consistent levels of Brix, color and a balance between total acid and pH. In addition to pioneering the principle of ion-exchange, our scientists invented many of the standards which are still in use industry wide. The Brix standard in the measurement of solids, the color standard which includes the numbering system, Vie-Del originated them, and the fruit juice concentrate industry uses them today.



In addition to our grape concentrates, we also create other quality products for the food service industry.  Like grape and fruit purées for use in processed foods. Fruit concentrates made from the wide variety of fruits available in the San Joaquin Valley.  And dried fruit concentrates for baking.  These are simply the latest steps in our continuing goal of serving our customers – and their customers – with consistently high quality products.




A Natural Favorite For Food Processors & Restaurants

Vie-Del produces natural wine flavors ideal for use in soups, salad dressings, frozen prepared foods, snack chips and many other products. Available in Sherry, Burgundy, Sauterne and Chablis varieties, each of these flavors is 100% alcohol free, 100% natural and 100% delicious! And because our flavors are concentrated eight – fold, they’re eight times more economical to use than traditional wines.



Tremendous Advancements in the Making of Brandies

Vie-Del processes more grape varieties of brandy under vacuum distillation, which is unique to Vie-Del, than any other facility in the region. We developed the “continuous distillation” process, now in widespread use, which creates a lighter, more flavorful brandy. In conjunction with the traditional pot still, we can produce quality brandies that are practically “custom blended”.


Because of Vie-Del’s ideal location in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley, we have immediate access to over 60% of the wine grape varieties grown in the nation. In fact, aside from fruit concentrates, wine is the cornerstone for much of our business at Vie-Del. Its production is the first step in several products, from brandies to wine flavorings.


With Vie-Del’s modern facilities, on-site lab testing and high-tech equipment, we’ve been able to streamline the entire process of winemaking. Simply stated, we can now produce quality wines in large quantities. Producing bulk wines while maintaining these high standards was considered impossible even a few years ago. But through extensive research and development, as well as technological advancement, Vie-Del is now providing blendable wines for processors all over the world.



Since 1946, when Vie-Del was founded by Fred Vieth and Jim Riddell, we have provided our customers with top quality products and service. Back then, we were just in the specialty wine business. But as times changed and consumers grew more sophisticated, we led the way with innovative new technologies, many of which are used in the fruit concentrate, wine and brandy industries to this day. We continue to lead the industry in many of our endeavors, meeting increasing customer demand and keeping our customers satisfied.


But there is one thing Vie-Del has never done. We’ve never sacrificed the quality of our products. Maybe that’s why several of our first customers are still with Vie-Del today.

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